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Exercise Tip: Beat the Summer Heat

Man Drinking WaterSummer - the season we have all been waiting for, especially after the long winter months that so many of us faced. Summer is the time of year to throw on shorts and head outside to run, swim, ride a bike or do any number of fun outdoor activities. Summer also brings the strong rays of the sun, along with intense humidity in many parts of the country. Follow these sensible, simple precautions to safely play and exercise in the heat.

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Respite CareRespite Care. Being a caregiver, while a fulfilling role, can consume a great deal of physical, mental and emotional energy. Consequently, respite care is very important because it gives the caregiver an opportunity to create a plan of care for themselves- something a caregiver often overlooks.

Charity Newsletters Charity Newsletters. Having access to ongoing information is key to managing and controlling a chronic disease. Receive updates on the most up-to-date information, programs, services, volunteer opportunities and community events from our member charities.



Charity Spotlight: Be The Match Foundation

Be The Match PodcastEvery year, approximately 10,000 people diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma and other diseases need a bone marrow transplant as their only hope for a cure. Even with over 9 million registered donors, half of these people will not find a match.

In this episode of the Health Matters at Work video podcast series, our host Jerry Franz talks with Angie Dahl, Director of Corporate Giving for Be The Match Foundation. Over the last 25 years, Be The Match Foundation has facilitated 50,000 bone marrow transplants but there is still much work that needs to be done. Learn why finding a bone marrow transplant match is so difficult (100,000 times harder than matching a blood type) and what health conditions may result in needing a bone marrow transplant. Ms. Dahl also explains how to join the donor registry and shares numerous resources available for bone marrow transplant patients and their caregivers Read More   


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