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Take these words to heart: a healthy lifestyle can save your life. We often hear things like "eat a heart healthy diet," "be sure to exercise," "quit smoking," and "drink alcoholic beverages in moderation." Why are these so important? It’s because each of these behaviors can lower your chances of developing heart disease or experiencing a stroke.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and stroke is the leading cause of disability. Learn about your heart numbers as well as the signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke. Simply understanding more about heart disease can help you prevent or deal with a dangerous heart-related situation. You can also connect with local support, including a stroke survivor’s network for patients and caregivers.

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Use the Charity Locator | Community Connections and Resource Library to find resources that can help you manage cardiovascular disease anywhere.

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Most strokes can be prevented. Stroke is a brain attack that will affect 795,000 people this year. But many do not know that stroke is up to 80 percent preventable. Find out how.

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